Juraj Marcin

Juraj Marcin

Programmer. Web developer. Photographer.

just me, nothing more

Who am I

I'm 19 years old university student interested in programming, web development, microcontrollers and photography. I'm self-taught and do it mainly as my hobby. I also take part in various school projects and competitions. However, I'm open to new projects.

Where I study

2019 — present

Bachelor's degree in Informatics

2015 — 2019

Grammar school, final exams in Slovak, English, Math and Informatics

Where I worked

AT&T Global Network Services Slovakia s.r.o.

2018, Internship

Development of internal tools and web applications

What do I do


My application skills include programming Windows applications written in C# and C++ and cross-platform Java and Python applications.

Web development

I'm pretty good at HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript as well as web frameworks and libraries jQuery and Angular. For backend I use PHP.

Game development

I specialise in Unity3D game engine in combination with C# and UnityScript for scripting.


I have experience with building circuits using Arduino programmed in C++. I can also design simple PCBs ready for manufacture using SMD components.

Mobile apps

I can create simple native Android applications using Java.


I do photography as a hobby in my free time. Mostly I do portraits, profile pictures, product photography and landscapes.

What have I done

How to contact me